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Feb 14, 2015


Hi, RapTorGarlanMods will return in a few days/weeks/months. Everything GTA SA related I had is gone, so I'll be starting from the bottom, but I'll be there.

It's been two years, in a few months I'll be celebrating my 15th birthday. I started modding when I was 12 1/2. The "SA:MP" part of my brain is literally brainwashed, I've made some enemies and have forgotten about them. I will also try to mod 3D instead of simple and shitty retextures that I was giving you for almost a year. I also just found out my site has reached 30k views which is a gigantular achievement for a kid like me.

PSN - RapTorGarlanHK & RapTorGarlanUS
Steam - raptorgarlan

Wanna keep in touch for the meantime? Drop a message on

see you soon.

Apr 9, 2013



Goodbye, GTA:SA and SAMP!

Thanks for supporting me!

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Jan 12, 2013

Patriot [Mark II - Digital Camouflage]

Model by 22ndtg
Digital Camouflage Texture by RapTorGarlan


Jan 1, 2013

LVPD Police Cruiser [BCSD - 2003 Ford Crown Victoria]

Well, I promised you a Decent / Good mod!
Well here it is, a Retexture of the 2003 FCV by WJA.
Specially made for the BCSD in Bone County Roleplay.

ELM Enabled
Changeable Color


Dec 14, 2012

LSPD Police Car [Škoda CTPD]

Model by JVT
Retexture by RapTorGarlan

Made for the Chinatown Police Department in Chinatown Roleplay

Model includes Damage


Dec 9, 2012

News Van (BBC News)

Model - Unknown
Texture - RapTorGarlan

Made for the News Faction in CT:RP